A Note to Adopters

The Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation, a non-profit organization, officially opened on June 9, 2000. The main objectives of the Foundation are to provide food and water, shelter, medical care, and routine health maintenance for the animals we rescue. We spay and neuter to reduce the stray population and match them to responsible, loving forever homes.

All our pets undergo veterinary screenings and treatment prior to being made available for adoption. For animals in need of serious care, we treat all that is reasonable and possible as long as the animal is not suffering. Because veterinary care is never ending, there are adoption fees, with some animals costing more than others. Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Our shelter was founded on June 9, 2000, Prior to the Foundation's beginning, we were operating under the "umbrella" of the Dilley Animal Adoption Foundation, Inc. (DAAFI) and since October of 1998, with our small number of volunteers, we have rescued over 2,500 animals. We are strictly a no kill shelter and because of this we are almost always at full capacity. Many animals with high price tag disorders and lengthy recuperation time have been cared for and given a new life. All this has come at a high cost in personal funds as well as other privately donated money.

K9 FRIENDS FOR LIFE---We believe these dogs are truly an important part of us and we take their lives and well-being very seriously. When you adopt a dog from us, you become part of the family. We work hard to ensure we match the right dog with the right family from day one.  Any time the dog you adopt from us is not working out, for any reason, we do require that you return the dog diretly back to us.  This way, the adoptive parents don't have to worry about what to do and we know the dog is safe while we search for a new home.  We feel this is a win win sitation for all involved.